Our expertises

Our expertises

Wealth engineering

Our team of wealth engineers are taking care of you and your wealth. Combining legal and fiscal expertise, we assist you in structuring and managing your assets in the most efficient way possible.

Our strategies are tailored to support an approach of heritage preservation and development as well as smooth family transmission. 

The added value we bring to you also encompasses a collaborative approach with the best experts (certified accountants, fiduciaries, lawyers, notaries) in order to effectively support you in all the structuring matters related to your wealth management.

For our French resident clients, we offer a broad spectrum of services such as:

  • Optimization of their business disposal (contribution to a company, donation before assignment, family buy-out…)
  • Drafting of beneficiary clauses
  • Strategies to reduce Income tax and wealth tax
  • Spouse’s coverage
  • Passing on family property
  • Executive’s compensation and benefits optimization
  • Retirement planning
  • Tailored pension schemes
  • Tax filing
  • And many other topics
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International taxation of individuals

We start by listening to you to understand your personal, family and professional environment. In a second step, we assess your needs and adapt the management of your wealth to your family and tax situation depending on your country of residence.

We offer best in class assets structuring combining French, Luxembourg, and Swiss solutions to anticipate and optimize major future events such as the sale of your company while ensuring the protection for your loved ones.

We assist our non-resident, inpatriate and expatriate clients on key topics such as:

  • International taxation
  • Financial planning of their wealth
  • Transfer of residence
  • International management of their personal and professional assets
  • And many other subjects…
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Financial management

“Cleverness is the ability to adapt to change”

Stephen Hawking

The financial markets and the economic situation are rapidly evolving; hence we strongly believe that an efficient wealth planning must be adaptable.

It requires responsiveness, diversification, decorrelation, independence, dynamic monitoring of the volatility and risk inherent to each portfolio.

Our management strategies (conservative, balanced and dynamic) are built with convictions. Therefore, before selecting investment funds and making our asset allocations, our management committee carries out deep analysis and due diligence on a weekly basis.

Our management strategies are multi-funds and multi-vehicles to answer the needs of institutional investors, private individuals, and legal entities:

  • Bonds (High yield, emerging debt, convertible)
  • Equity (worldwide, thematic…)
  • Diversified (flexibles, resilient…)
  • Alternative (long-short, event driven…)
  • Real estate (residential, tertiary…)
  • Raw materials (precious metals, energy…)

Ultimately, we are organized to deposit financial assets of our customers in France, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Our expertises​


With the erosion of the euro funds yield and the financial market strains, we are convinced that it is critical to operate a diversification of the financial assets of our clients through private equity solutions.

Commercial real estate, private bonds and private equity are interesting solutions of diversification being decorrelated from traditional financial markets.

We therefore select for you differentiating opportunities (most of the time via club deals) in order to benefit from privileged access to these asset class:

  • Funds of funds and co-investment funds in private equity ;
  • Funds of private bonds ;
  • Real estate club deals ;
  • Club deals eligible to re-investment (article 150-O B ter) ;
  • Purchasing of bare ownership ;
  • Purchasing in lifetime.

All these investments are carefully selected, and the form of holding is optimized.