The group

Regulatory information

  • Member of ARIF (Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers) N°3395
  • Affiliate member of OSIF (Organisme de Surveillance des Instituts Financiers) as per the new LEFin instructions of financial firms
  • Member of GSCGI  (Groupement Suisse des Conseils en Gestion Indépendants)
  • Independant insurance broker registered to the FINMA (Autorité fédérale de surveillance des marchés financiers) N°35 892
  • Mediator : FINSOM
  • Independent asset manager
  • Independent financial advisor
  • Non-tied insurance broker registered to the FINMA
  • Enterprise promoting products with whom a meaningful capital or commercial link exists: nil
  • Enterprises with whom a financial link exists: nil
  • Credit or payment institution representing more than 33% of the turnover in intermediation in N-1: nil
  • Direct or indirect equity holding higher than 10% of the voting rights or enterprise’s equity hold by a credit or payment institution: nil
  • Correspondent, notifier, and responsible LBA : Mister Stéphane Arnaud
  • « ARIF » : Rue de Rive 8 – 1204 Genève
  • « OSIF » : Rue de Rive 8 – Case postale 3178 – 1211 Genève 3
  • « FINMA » : Laupenstrasse 27 – 3003 Berne
  • « GSCGI » : Rue François-Versonnex 7 – 1207 Genève
  • « FINSOM » : Avenue de la Gare 45 – 1920 Martigny

In case of litigation, the contracting parties undertake to firstly seeking for an amicable arrangement, and secondly to inform the arbitration of a mediator certified by the FINMA. Should the amicable settlement fail, the litigation might be brought before the competent courts in Geneva.

Confidentiality clause

In the context of our mission of independent asset manager and financial advisor, personal data communicated by our clients are collected and processed by the ASDP in strict confidentiality.

Our firm will forebear, unless express approval, to communicate and use outside of its primary mission personal customer’s data. This provision is not binding to the OSIF and FINMA as part of their audit mission.